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Monthly Index Tabs • Self Adhesive • Vellum or Acetate

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Self adhesive monthly index tabs in 4 fonts and 7 colours!

  • the perfect tabs for every book bounded planner such as hobonichi, stalogy, kinbor etc. - of course also working great for ringplanners!
  • tabs are 6mm, so it won't stick out too much
  • adhesive area 6mm/30mm
  • the vellum (180gsm) and acetate (130mic) I'm using have the perfect thickness - it won't bulk up your planners but sturdy enough to last a long time!

The tabs are self adhesive. Just peal off the white paper and stick it to your planner. I recommend to use a tweezer :)

Please care
The adhesive I'm using is semipermanent - if you stick it down, it will stay where it is. You could remove it VERY carefully and slowly if you have to, but I don't recommend this. It could damage your beloved planner!


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