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"Discbound Sticker Album" • Mix & Match Discs & Vinyl Sticker

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Introducing our Discbound Sticker Album, the perfect companion for all your planning and organization needs. Designed as you wish with a minimalist aesthetic that seamlessly blends style with functionality, this album is a must-have for sticker enthusiasts and planning aficionados.

Whether you're at home, at the office, or on the go, you can conveniently carry your stickers with you wherever you need them. No more digging through piles of stickers or searching through multiple storage options; with our Discbound Sticker Album, everything is neatly organized and readily available at your fingertips.

  • Size 150x190mm
  • discs colored/clear 24mm, frosted 28mm
  • comes with 20 two-pocket sleeves (up to 98x128mm sticker sheets)
  • additional vinyl sticker in wished design ("diptyque stickers"/lettering "stickers"
  • additional sleeves with 1 pocket and 4 pocket available in sets of 10 in separate listing
  • vinyl stickers are available also in separate listing


Frosted option with clear discs will come with frosted discs, clear gloss with clear discs. If you choose a vinyl sticker with this listing, it will come attached to your cover, NOT SEPARATE. Clear covers do have a protective sheet, so you agree that I remove it to place the vinyl sticker (tiny scratches could happen during this process). I will only remove it from the side which have the sticker on. Also your chosen discs will be in place when you get your sticker album. 

The vinyl decals are semi-permanent, that means you will be able to remove them when needed. So you can change the cover sticker/design as you wish when you're sick of the design.

If you're ordering more items than 2 sticker albums, please choose the "tracked package" option. Otherwise I have to contact you to update the shipping (letter mail is not possible for more than 2 stickers albums).